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Executive Protection Dubai


An experienced security risk management leader with over 21 years of ''real-world'' practical experience with international exposure. Specializing in high-profile concerts, sporting events, executive protection, and well versed within a corporate environment.

I am a full member of The Security Institute, a Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP), a member of The UK Crowd Safety Management Association and The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, I hold a Level 5 Qualification in Crowd Safety Management, Crowd Science and Risk Analysis, a Level 5 Qualification in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management, and hold an HECert in Terrorism and Counterterrorism from the Center of Security Studies at Georgetown University, Washington, USA.

Real World Practical Experience

Experienced multicultural business management leader with practical on the ground experience in complex, and dynamic environments.

I have the maturity and the soft skills to be able to communicate with my peers and team members in the appropriate manner and can be trusted to exhibit personal sincerity and sound judgement when discussing any security related matters with internal and external stakeholders.

An experienced C-Suite communicator, able to deliver meaningful, accurate, concise information to decision makers, in a non-complex security format.

Proven ability to bridge cultural differences and find common ground with local nationals and manage and lead colleagues with the utmost professionalism whilst being assertive and respectful at all times.


I am a proficient leader who can cut through complexity, without losing relevance, and adjust the delivery methods of my management and leadership to suit my audience and environment.



Please reach out to me and I shall get back to you as soon as possible, you may view a copy of my resume here, kindly reach out for the password.

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