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Football Crowd



Safety at an event is achieved by establishing a balance between good management and good design (The Green Guide).


If you oversee people in crowded spaces, you need to understand the principles and applications of Crowd Safety Management and Crowd Science – specifically Crowd Risk Analysis (The Crowd Safety Training Group).


The systematic planning for, and the supervision of the orderly movement and assembly of people. Crowd management is the assessment of the people handling capabilities of space prior to the use. This includes the evaluation of projected levels of occupancy, adequacy of means of ingress and egress, processing procedures such as ticket collection, and expected types of activities and group behaviour - Fruin, 1992.

Crowd Management vs Crowd Control


Crowd Management is Proactive & Crowd Control is Reactive.


Crowd management includes all measures taken in the formal process of facilitating the movement and enjoyment of people.


As opposed to crowd control which includes all measures taken once crowds are beginning to, or have got out of control - Berlonghi,1995.


Crowd control is usually implemented when the crowds start to do something you do not want them to do.

Crowd Safety Management Qualified

I am qualified in Crowd Safety Management and Crowd Science to Level 5 Ofqual Standard, delivered by the Crowd Safety Training Group in London, United Kingdom.

I have a personal portfolio available upon request.


Please reach out to me and I shall get back to you as soon as possible, you may view a copy of my resume here, kindly reach out for the password.

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