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CSMP® is accredited by SFJ Awards/IQ as a Level 6 Organisation Diploma for Corporate Security Management. The Certified Security Management Professional CSMP® (Advanced Concepts) delivered by the International Security Management Institute®, United Kingdom.


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My study journey is written under consent of the CSMP® Course Director and the views and experiences expressed are solely of my own.

Chapter 3

Unit 7 – Protecting Buildings (Grade: PASS)

  • The practitioner understands the range of crimes, security risks and vulnerabilities associated with buildings and is able to recommend security measures that are in harmony with the occupants need for health and safety.

  • The practitioner is able to select appropriate security measures for a range of building types and functions, from single-occupier, multi-tenant, old, new etc., and with a range of operations from industrial to retail.

  • The practitioner understands well how to apply appropriate security measures to meet the specific requirements of varied internal building environments. Measures include environmental design to reduce opportunities for crime, security hardening measures, locking systems, intrusion detection and assessment, incident response and surveillance.

Unit 8 – Access Management (Grade: REFERRED)

  • The practitioner can select from a range of different access management approaches and regimes for a wide range of environments and functions.

  • The practitioner understands the primary equipment, technology and methods necessary to create effective access management and can specify and apply these proficiently.

  • The practitioner can select from a range of mechanical, electronic and biometric locking and access management devices and understands how and where each can best be utilized, while ensuring conformance with building and fire codes.

Journey - Units 7 & 8

Unit 7 was a really enjoyable unit for me, especially following on from unit 6, which was one of the most challenging to date as far as drawings go, which you can read more about in my previous blog.

Unit 7 also required some advanced drawing skills, which enabled me to home in on utilizing PowerPoint to it's full potential. An example is below of just one of the drawings/plans I produced for unit 7.

I was able to submit unit 7 on the 18th December, just in time for Christmas, as I was expecting family to visit from overseas, knowing this I wanted to be ahead of schedule and of course knowing that I would not have anytime to study I was aiming for a start on unit 8 the first week of January.

As they say, things change, and due to a significantly big change at work, I was unable to get my teeth into the unit 8 textbook until the second week of January, noting that I aim to submit a final paper on the draft due date, being mid month. This put me under significant stress and pressure, as work was exceptionally busy.

Over the course of two days off I managed to finalize a unit 8 paper, in fact over a 14 hour session followed by a 8 hour session I believe.

I received my unit 8 results last week, David gave me a heads up that the result was a ''referral'', I was half expecting it, due to the lack of time I invested in the unit textbook, and the paper, I feel now I put myself under too much pressure to conclude the paper knowing I would not get any other time in the month of January.

The assessors deemed my paper to be very strong, as the site drawings in the paper took me significant time to complete, probably my strongest drawing yet, closely behind my unit 6 drawings, one sample is in my previous blog.

I am currently finishing off unit 10, which places me a month ahead, which is ideal for me to tweak the mistakes I made in unit 8, by all accounts they are simply sections missing, which I foolishly missed out, as I was in a rush.

Unit 10 has been the most enjoyable unit of the course so far, and I am confident about my unit 9 submission.

I shall update you once my unit 8 has been revised and the news of the result hopefully mid April to early May 2021.

Until the next update.


Adam WG Green ASyl

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